Employment Visa For Australians – E3

There are various employment visa options for people who wish to be employed in the U.S. H-1B is the most common and popular employment-based visa in The United States. In 2005 an efficient employment-based E-3 visa was brought into force explicitly for the Australian Nationals. Just like the H-1B visa, an E-3 visa permits U.S employers to hire Australian nationals as Specialty workers in certain professional occupations and employ them in the United States temporarily. 

Eligibility Criteria for E-3 Visa: 

  1. Must be an Australian National
  2. Must have a legitimate job offer by a U.S. based company
  3. The Australian national must be paid a salary that is under the Department of Labor (DOL)
  1. Must qualify under a specialty occupation
  2. Must possess the required academic qualifications
  3. Assure that the stay in the United States is temporary

Advantages of E-3 Visa:

  • The E-3 visa may be renewed indefinitely in two-year increments. (H-1B visas have a six-year limit unless the employer has initiated the green card process)
  • Unlike H-1B visas, which require the USCIS to process, E-3 visa applicants may apply directly at the consulate avoiding lengthy delays.
  • Spouses of E-3 visa holder is also eligible to work in the U.S.
  • The process is much cheaper than the H-1B visa
  • E-3 visa holders can pursue a green card while on an E-3 visa


  • Can one obtain an E-3 Visa without a Degree? 

Yes. One would need 12+ years of industry-related experience 

  • Can an E-3 visa holder apply for a Green card?

Yes. Even though it is true that E-3 is not a dual intent visa, E-3 visa holders can apply for a green card in two ways: 1. In the U.S. by filing for adjustment of status. 2. From abroad with an immigrant visa.

  • How long does it take to acquire E-3 Visa? 

Once the employer files the Foreign Labor Application, it takes 5-10 days to get certified.

  • Can an E-3 visa holder change jobs?

Yes. But the new employer will have to file a new LCA immediately.

  • Is Premium Processing available for E-3? 


  • What is the filing fee for an E-3 visa?

There is no filing fee for an E-3 visa. However, the regular visa application fee, which is $270, must be paid

  • Is there a yearly limit to the E-3 visas?

Yes. Ten thousand five hundred per year and dependents are not counted against the numeric limitation.


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