An H-1B Holder can work for any number of Hours with any number of Employers

With so many restrictions in force, it is quite challenging to obtain an H-1B work visa in The United States. But You might be surprised as to how unrestrictive the law is when it comes to regulating the total number of hours an H-1B holder can work or the number of employers an H-1B holder can work for.

There is no restriction to the number of hours that an H-1B holder can legally work in the United States and no restriction on the number of employers you work for.

It is also essential to bear in mind that the number of hours and the number of employers that one wishes to work for should be reasonable. If a person wants to work under ten employers simultaneously for 20 hours each – this is not something the USCIS would approve of. Even though there is no limit on the number of hours one can work, one should prove that it is practically possible.

Similarly, an H-1B holder could have two full-time jobs if the jobs are humanly possible to be performed (A full-time job must not be less than 35 hours/week). The USCIS evaluates on a case-to-case basis and decides if the jobs are doable.

In any of the scenarios:

• Every Employer must sponsor the Beneficiary an H-1B Visa
• There must exist a valid Employer-Employee relation between the Petitioner and the Beneficiary (It cannot be a Contract based job)
• An LCA must be filed, and the wages must be per the guidelines.

It is possible for employers to concurrently file for a Cap exempt Beneficiary without waiting for the Cap season. In the same way, H-1B individuals can unleash and make the best of their ability.

Knowing if all the legal requirements are met can be baffling, so it is important that you consult an Immigration attorney.


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