Cape May and it’s Charm.

My husband and I planned a visit to Cape May and Chincoteague Island for our sixth wedding anniversary. The forecast showed heavy rain, and I almost gave up on the trip. My husband never gives up on anything easily, and he made this trip happen, and I am happy he did it.

We visited Cape May when the rain was pouring non-stop. When we arrived, it looked like the rain cleared the dust off the buildings, and they looked all the more colorful and crisper. 

We enjoyed some light shopping, wandering amongst the colorful buildings, beautifully paved roads, and we lucked out with fewer crowds. Cape May is known for its beautifully decorated and well-maintained Victorian houses. 

As I mentioned, it had been raining, and many of the places I wanted to visit were closed.  I hope you get to visit them all.

I cannot emphasize enough how good it felt to shop/window shop on the cute Washington Street Mall. This street is supposed to be tightly packed with tourists admiring the beauty of the shops and the street. The Global Pandemic and the rain turned out to be a blessing in disguise and we did not encounter many tourists on our visit.

I visited Good Scents. A charming store that had stuff from jewelry to incense to pottery and everything in between. I would call it quite an expensive store but probably worth it.

One of the must-try is the Famous Fudge. They are so tasty. You can also see a guy who is mixing the fudge right in front of you. I did not go inside to buy the fudge, but the chocolate smell did not let me leave the store without buying, and I ended up buying a mixed variety of 2 pounds.

Another unforgettable experience was at Congress Hall’s own Blue Pig Tavern. Named after a gambling parlor sited in Congress Hall in the mid-1800s, it was the first tavern in Cape May. The place had a wait time of 2 hours, and we did not have that kind of time. We took a raincheck with this place, realizing the importance of prior reservations. 

Disappointed with the experience, we headed to Exit Zero, and this place was more than we expected. The setting outside was beautiful. They have trailers parked outside. To get a reservation to dine in the trailer, one has to make prior reservations. Adjacent to Exit Zero, there are pretty houses lined against each other, making it a cute Instagram-able place. 

Trying lobster for the first time 😛

Do not forget Checking out the Lobby of the Congress Hotel that is located just at the end of Washington Street Mall pedestrian street. 

Finally, we visited the lighthouse and headed to the Ferry terminal. Stay tuned for my blog post on Chincoteague Island, and let me know if you’ve visited Cape May before!


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