President Biden withdraws the interim final rule (IFR) announced by the DHS

Near the end, Trump officials published two regulations to restrict H-1B visas and prepared a third rule for publication. Biden’s administration started off the first day by signing many executive orders that directly impact Trump-era Immigration.   On January 8, 2021, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a final rule to end the H-1B lottery system. This rule was scheduled to be in effect within... Continue Reading →

H-1B Entrepreneur

Firstly, there is no straight answer to whether a person on H-1B can start his/her own business. That’s because one has to carefully interpret the language used by the USCIS and make sure the needs of the H-1B holder are tailored without violating any of the regulations. Hence, if all the rules are followed then... Continue Reading →

The US Citizenship Act of 2021

President Biden has been taking positive steps to make the largest overhaul in the U.S. immigration system. The proposed Immigration bill, if passed, would be the largest legislative remake of The U.S. immigration System in a very long time, that would provide a numerous benefit to foreign nationals seeking lawful permanent residency. A similar bill... Continue Reading →

With the new administration in force, Immigration policies are going to get better

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. was sworn in on January 20, 2021 as the 46th president of the United States. President Biden started off the first day of his presidency by undoing/withdrawing a lot of Trump’s unduly burdensome Immigration policies. President Biden has signed at least 17 executive orders on the first day many of which... Continue Reading →

90 Day Rule – US Immigration

I have been getting a lot of questions from people about the 90-day rule when filing for adjustment of status. Basically, the 90-days rule has been designed by the USCIS to stop people from using temporary visas for unintended purposes. Visas in the United States can be broadly categorized into two types: Dual IntentSingle Intent... Continue Reading →

Saguaro National Park – Arizona

We took the road from Colorado to Nevada, crossing New Mexico and Arizona. We spent a couple of days in Arizona after exploring The white sands National monument in New Mexico. I planned on visiting the Sonoran Desert Museum and Saguaro National Park. However, with the tight schedule that we had, we could only make... Continue Reading →

Governor’s Island – Pumpkin Patch

Hello People. Tell me who doesn't feel like enjoying good weather, especially when one knows that it might be the last weekend before the temperatures go down? This is exactly when I stumbled upon this event at Governor's Island that involved decorating the island with 5000 pumpkins. Then I made an impromptu decision to go to the... Continue Reading →

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