World’s largest Gypsum dune field – White Sands National Monument

I have heard a lot about the white sands from many of my friends who have visited, from many articles I have read, and many Many travel bloggers. Upon seeing the the beauty I was awestruck and blownaway instantly which Is why I have decided to pen down a seperate post just for this beauty.
Cute Little Sit-out
There wasn’t a single soul !
White Sands National Monument is in the northern Chihuahuan Desert in the U.S. state of New Mexico. It’s known for its dramatic landscape of rare white gypsum sand dunes. Trails through the dunes include the raised Interdune Boardwalk and the Dune Life Nature Trail, dotted with interpretive exhibits on wildlife and other features. 
Love Birds


The sands are filled in as far as the eye can see, The symmetry of the sand wave formation has mesmarized me. I am running out of words to put down my exact thoughts when I first saw – literally.
There is abundant amount of flora and Fauna. 
Look out for these little insects !
Dunes Drive is a looped road from the White Sands Visitor Center to the dune field and make sure you drive through this loop before the hike. I have taken N number of videos but my account doesn’t support videos – SO I shall just stick to the pictures. However, You can visit my Instagram page for videos in the Insta stories.
I strongly urge you guys to wear bright colours if you are looking for few brilliant snaps.
The Brighter – The Better
Clearly, Shades of Pink are your colours when visiting the White Sands!
Red Shades ? Oh YEAH Certainly.
That is the entire group rolling in the dunes!
He asked for it!
Never ever leave a sand place without getting the sand into your hands ! – That is a sin I say!
I had been to the White Sands this September (September 2019) and it was really hot. So HOT that I had like 3 layers of tan when I left the monument and the sun was so bright that I could not manage looking at camera facing the sun.
That is clearly not the cap I was referring to, when I suggested you to get a cap. 
I did Manage to get a decent Picture!
Making my way through the Dunes !
My Baby Bear – Zoe
Making her Mark – While she leaves White Sands
Get yourself a Sovereign – Bottle of Sand
Yupiiieeee ! I did fly that high!
Fun Facts:
* The sand here is not made up of Silica, but is made up of Gypsum
* You might find an Oryx if you look out
* This is a monument and not a park (YES, I was taken back when I read it first)
* Get ready to get lost (Make sure to drop a google pin when you park your car)
* You will not find a single soul – Get sufficient water and a cap if you plan a hike (Short or Long)
Arrive at the monument for sunset or Sunrise for the best views.
I left the place with an everlasting impression on my mind – I hope you would to.



Food spots in Dubai

Let’s admit it!  Quite recently, Instagram has become the thing and we all visit restaurants just for the sake of taking pictures.  Restaurants also have started expressing themselves through their ambience, food, presentation of food and instagram spots. I made a list of places I wanted to go which had both good food and Flamboyant decor. Though I could not go to all the places, here are a few places I have been to.


This was the first place on my list Papparoti. We ordered Peach flavoured IceTea and Signature buns with dark chocolate and nuts topped on it. Trust me when I say the buns melt in your mouth.

“Sink Your Teeth Into It! It begins from the moment you sink your teeth into the outer layer of the bun. The sound that follows every crunch defines our philosophy of seeking perfection in every bite.” – Pappa Roti
Screen Shot 1940-02-31 at 10.37.00 PM
This is my sister/BestFriend Ramya who is my best travel partner !

Ararat restaurant

Ararat is a mix of Armenian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. We went to this place only to taste the fancy pineapple rice and Yes We did !!

The table we reserved !
Definitely worth the time and money !

Spoon and Glaze – Dubai Mall

I ordered Chocolate Mud Cake which was  AED 42. It was served in a multi layered chocolate sponge cake with dark chocolate fudge in between, which came in a clay plant pot. The chocolate cake was delicious. They provide various options of Mud cakes and Sand cakes, and all of them come in actual small-sized clay plant pots, along with a wooden spoon ! I plan on trying the sand cakes if I happen to go again.

Absolutely DIVINE !
Small and Cute Place !
Clearly searching where and what to eat next !!

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, Dubai brings a slice of London to the iconic Atlantis Hotel located on the world famous Palm Jumeirah

My Love for Chocolate is never ending !

Arabian Tea House is covered with a huuuuuge old fortress wall. This is a rented house, built in the early 1920s by a pearl trader.

 Reliving the past !

We had been roaming in scorching heat all day before we reached the hotel and had real doubts if we will be comfortable eating in a outdoor restaurant with no air-conditioning. So, we only thought of having a cup of chai but ended up eating the whole meal. The restaurant is air-conditioned and very comfortable. It has shady trees inside making the ambience all the more better.

Welcoming Entrance !
We decided to wear Indian clothes because Old Dubai is more Orthodox kinda style !!

Local house coffee shop and restaurant

Local tea house is a traditional restaurant located at the historical Bastakiya. It has been serving authentic Arabic cuisine for more than a decade. Sometime in 2010, Local House fascinated a few and maybe shocked a few when they introduced the first ever Camel Burger in the UAE.

I din’t click this picture !! My hard drive with Dubai pictures is corrupted. So using one of the downloaded pictures !!
We just had the authentic Arabic tea !
Details matter !


Instagrammable dessert Places in NYC

As said in my profile, I love clicking pictures so I can relive the moment when I see the pictures randomly some random day. I will keep updating this post whenever I go to a new dessert place.

  1. Vivi Bubble Tea IMG_20180407_091944_701I did not like the ambience very much, but was told about their renovation plans. I   tried the Matcha Bubble Tea Floats. My Insta It blew my mind. They also give you steps to eat the floats which I felt was so cool. Vivi Bubble tea has branched out at various places in NewYork city but the floats are found at Allen street. Vivi Bubble Tea  

    Vivi Insta 

  2. Maison Kayser cafeIMG-20180414-WA0030-01My Favourite is Mangodoor not just because of its taste but also  for its bright colour. Tell me who just eats food just for the sake of taste these days. It must be instagrammable rite ? Maison KayserIMG-20180414-WA0032-01They have an exclusive variety of desserts which can be instagrammed. Good luck taking nice pictures 😛
  3. Magnolia BakeryIMG-20180414-WA0026-01Magnolia Bakery is a chain of bakeries founded in New York City.  As a newyorker you ought to have tasted from this place at least once. Magnolia BakeryIMG-20180414-WA0020-01The first bakery was started at Bleeker street in 1996. But we have been to the one in Grand Central before catching our train. Oh ! Did I tell you New York has the best public transport which is cheaper and faster than private. Instagram PageIMG-20180414-WA0022-01.jpegI have ordered cheese brownie, pineapple cake red velvet chocolate. Needless to say everything was amazing. But I personally like the cheesecake from Junior’s cheesecake (other bakery from NYC) better than this place. But the pineapple cake and the chocolate are too good.
  4. Coco Fresh Tea & JuiceIMG-20180414-WA0045-01.jpegCoco Fresh and juice also has many chains in NewYork. These people actually mean it when they call themselves fresh. Coco Bubble Tea I had to wait for 10mins to get my regular bubble tea, but the wait was totally worth the time. This might not be one of those fancy places to take pictures but the taste was unbelievable. P.S: I crossed the road twice to take this picture !
  5. Sugar Fina 

Screen Shot 1940-01-15 at 8.14.34 PM-01Sugarfina is the ultimate candy store for grown-ups offering the Original Champagne Bears. The people in the store are so friendly that they allow you to take pictures even if you walk out buying nothing. I don’t see many places like that these days. Sugar Fina





I am not a great fan of milk chocolates but I love white chocolates so much that I forget counting calories when eating them. I picked XOXO chocolates. I have tried plain chocolate and plain gummy bears but these had champagne bears within the chocolate bar which is a must try.