Saguaro National Park – Arizona

We took the road from Colorado to Nevada, crossing New Mexico and Arizona. We spent a couple of days in Arizona after exploring The white sands National monument in New Mexico.

I planned on visiting the Sonoran Desert Museum and Saguaro National Park. However, with the tight schedule that we had, we could only make it to the Saguaro National Park. This gem is located 5 hours away from White Sands National Monument in the Southern part of Arizona in Tucson. 



All you need is one day to explore the Saguaro National park. We headed to the Eastern section, but I was told that the cacti are densely populated in the Western section of the park.

As we arrived in the desert, we drove through the scenic loops and finally continued hiking into one of the trails looking forward to seeing the cacti.




I have read about the deserts in Arizona and the Saguaro Cacti. I have seen many pictures where the Cactii have been tagged, but could not believe the size of the plants until I met them. They were so huge, almost touching the sky. It was incredible to stand beside one of them and laughing at myself for always thinking that Cactus are very small plants.

It was such a surreal experience.


I hope those who already have this on their list visit the park and those who don’t have this park on their list get it on their list.


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