A Miracle of The USA – Puerto Rico

This was a tremendous experience I must tell. A trip that was supposed to be exclusively a bachelorette turned into a girls trip & Bachelorette. 
Let me tell you – It’s not a different country. You don’t need a visa if you have a USA Visa and you don’t need a passport if you have a USA state I’d or a driver’s license.
We were there for four days and it’s evidently not enough to experience and explore the whole of this incredible Island. The Island might be a small one in terms of area and population, but there is a lot to do. We could do only the North Eastern part of the Island.
All of us flew into San Juan International airport from different states. I flew from New York and it was approximately a 4 hours flight. Try booking a window seat even for a price. I assure you the views from the flight are so totally worth it.



It felt like I was in a new country yet the same country. It took a while for the fact that it is a part of the USA To actually sink in. The currency is the same – But, the metrics are different. The President of the USA is the president of Puerto Rico.
I made reservations with Airbnb at different locations for the entire stay. The first one was very close to the airport. Accommodation in Old San Juan is very affordable when calculated for the seven of us. I rented a car from Enterprise at the airport. We were all so excited that we dropped the baggage at our Airbnb house and hit Old San Juan. 






With all the flying, I just wanted to take a lazy stroll through Old San Juan with no map. I saved the the important historical places for the next day. Ooooohh I met the artist of one of the murals. Thought it would not cost to click a picture of the mural with him so, here I go.
Mural and the Artist!
Day 2: It was a group of seven beautiful ladies and we took forever to get ready and look extra beautiful. So, getting out of our rooms got a bit delayed. We went to Chocobar Cortes for breakfast, a must visit place when in Puerto Rico. We ordered different varieties of food. I ordered aged rum frozen chocolate and Chalupitas de Mofongo (must try in Puerto Rico). Also, do not forget tasting churros with chocolate dip.

We spent a couple of hours taking tons of pictures with the colourful buildings and the streets. Yes, Old San Juan is famous for its amazing streets and colourful buildings.






Wearing the Yellow was an Unexpected Coincidence!


Tip: Have Piragua, Puerto Rican shaved ice dessert, shaped like a pyramid, consisting of shaved ice and covered with fruit-flavored syrup. It being a sunny day we could so totally appreciate Piragua. 

3$ and totally worth it.

We headed to the two big forts, Castillo San Cristóbal and Castillo San Felipe del Morro. They were built to protect Puerto Rico from enemies invading from the land and the sea.



Look out for the cemeteries that are adjacent to the fort!



Keep walking to the Calle del Cristo. Religious folklore, particularly among Catholics, said that during a horse race that was taking place on the street, a young rider and his horse took a bad fall and the rider went over the precipice but was miraculously saved.



Keep walking until you come across La Rogativa statue. A Rogativa is a large procession of people making a plea to God for help.

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at

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Take a picture infront of the Governor’s house.

Also, the Governor’s residence is a must visit place when in Old San Juan. However, on our day of visit it was closed due to protests by the local people.

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at
La Fortaleza!
One with the Cobblestones !

Thus ended our Old San Juan touring.


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