Mt Rushmore & Bad Lands

I have put together this Road Trip Planner to show you our itinerary that took us through Devil’s Tower,  the Black Hills, Mt Rushmore, and the Badlands. Crazy horse is about 20 miles away from Mt Rushmore and we couldn’t accomodate during this trip but I am sure you can, if you start your day early. 

We started our day by visiting the Devils’s tower which is about 90mins drive from the hotel we stayed at. It was a small detour before we reached Mt Rushmore.

Devil’s Tower !

Devil’s Tower is a jaw-dropping geological feature that rises 867 feet above Wyoming’s rolling prairies. Even scientists are uncertain how the massive stone structure came to exist. Theories range from it being a volcanic plug to being the neck of an extinct volcano.


We drove through the Black hills on our way to Mt Rushmore. Black Hills are a small and isolated mountain range rising from the Great Plains of North America in western South Dakota and extending into Wyoming.

Scenic Drives all through !

Screen Shot 1940-03-10 at 6.43.50 PM

Black Hill Mountains !!

A trip to South Dakota wouldn’t be complete without visiting Mt Rushmore. Mt Rushmore National Memorial is a massive sculpture carved into Mt Rushmore in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. 



Screen Shot 1940-03-10 at 6.03.14 PM-01-2.jpeg

It was completed in 1941 under the direction of Gutzon Borglum and his son Lincoln. The sculpture is roughly 60ft high granite depicting the ex-U.S. presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Screen Shot 1940-03-10 at 7.44.45 PM


We drove from the Pinnacle entrance into the Bad lands. Badlands National Park in South Dakota is a must-see for National Park, fossil, and geology enthusiasts. This area of the vast American grassland was once an ancient seabed, and over time, has eroded away into intricate rocky formations of multicolored buttes, canyons and delicate spires. We allotted just the evening for the Badlands due to the tight schedule we are on. This is the second time my husband is here and the first time he spent an entire day appreciating the park. I definitely want to go back again. 

I was taken aback with the natural shape formation and colour patterns !

This part of South Dakota is home for wildlife, so definitely keep an eye out for them as you drive. You can also visit the Custer State park to experience will life. My husband visited this park and wasn’t really excited about his visit, so we skipped the park. If Custer State park is on your list then you should go after visiting Mt Rushmore. It’s South Dakota’s largest and oldest state park with several scenic drives, hikes, and over 1,500 free-roaming bison.

There you go, The Goats !
To experience all the scenic views within the park, simply drive along the Badlands Loop Road that cross sections the park !!
Evening Views !
Bad Lands !

Things to Note:

1) Just in case you love hiking, there are many trails in bad lands.

2) Don’t forget wearing proper boots because there are rattle snakes.

3) Carry a water bottle and Stay hydrated as it can get really hot. 


Places I missed:

  1. Crazy horse Memorial
  2. Custer State Park
  3. Wall Drug Store

It’s time to wrap up your roadtrip and catch the flight back home. If you have 1-2 extra days, you could accommodate the places I have missed and allocating more time at the bad lands. That’s it – everything you need to plan a road trip to one of the best national parks in The USA.

Hope you have an incredible time driving !




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