Cherry Blossoms in DC

The Cherry blossom trees are without a doubt the stars of springtime in Washington, DC. This is my third time in Washington and this time I visited only to witness the pinks showers. More than a century after Washington D.C.’s famous cherry blossom trees were first planted, the annual springtime blooming has become a favorite point in the capital calendar. It’s not a secret that the trees were a 1912 gift from Japan to the U.S. in honor of cooperation between the two nations. Visit the District during this time and you will find yourself drowned in shades of pink. I loved taking pictures of the blossoms from every perspective possible. Cherry Blossom Festival

I have been following cherryblossomwatch on Instagram who have been continuously updating about the blossom predictions. Blossom watch

Screen Shot 1940-01-10 at 5.10.27 PM-01

Tidal Basin
Screen Shot 1940-01-10 at 5.10.18 PM-01
Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

Screen Shot 1940-01-10 at 5.13.14 PM-01Screen Shot 1940-01-10 at 5.14.05 PM-01Screen Shot 1940-01-10 at 5.08.46 PM-01.jpeg


Screen Shot 1940-01-10 at 5.22.20 PM-01
US Capitol

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